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The SQ84-V2 Integrated Amp & Headphone Amp w/Remote Volume

Mike in Arizona here.   I've had my SQ84-v2 for I guess three or four months.   I also own a very respected solid state headphone amp, the Blue Circle SBH.   Sells for about $1200.   Mine has a custom over-sized power supply.   I've been using it in my main system as a pre-amp.  

It's a luxury, but I like to have my headphone setup in another room from my main system.   That's why I bought the SQ84, to have a dedicated headphone listening system.

I've never bothered to compare the two - until last night.    As good as the SBH is the SQ84 was dramatically better.     It was kind of shocking, actually.   The detail, the speed, the natural timbre of the instruments on the SQ84 put it miles ahead of the Blue Circle unit.

I was pretty surprised.   As I said, the SBH is a very highly regarded unit and I'd used it for six months before getting your amp.

I thought you might be interested in hearing this.   Also, if you like you can mention to potential SQ84 customers that you know someone who is a long-time poster on headfi who can describe the differences between this unit and some other headamps.   Feel free to give these folks my email address if you like.