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Granite Audio Model #CD-103
Extreme System Workout & Fine-tune Burn-In CD
MSRP $50.00 Burn-In your whole system or just burn-in

the bass, midrange, or treble sections separately.

Use your choice of Pink or White noise, or focused sweep tones.

The Model #CD-103 is specially recorded with Extreme Level signals. The first 6 tracks give your whole system a needed workout. Think of it as taking your gear for laps around the track at full throttle. The rest of the CD is separated into three sections so you can workout or burn-in your bass, midrange, and treble sections separately. Did you just get a new tweeter or woofer driver? And, now you only need to burn-in the new part to get it up to speed with the rest of the system? Do you have a fully burned-in system already, but you think the midrange needs some flexing more than the rest? Would you rather use white noise for it's broadband equal signal level at every frequency benefits? Or pink noise for it's equal signal level in each octave? Would you like to run sweep tones and race your gear up and down the audio spectrum? You can do all this and more with the Extreme System Workout CD.

You know what your system needs better than anyone else. You know what type of signal works best for you and which tracks will get your system where it needs to be. Now you have the tool that lets you exercise exactly what needs it and exactly the way it needs it. Tracks 7, 11, & 15 will workout the Bass, Midrange, and Treble sections respectively with all three types of signals. Or, use the tracks in between to just workout each section with your choice of Pink, White, or Sweep tones. Don't be locked in. Use only the tracks and signals that are giving you the optimum results in your high resolution system.

CAUTION: Mastered at Maximum Redbook CD Levels. Always start with your volume control turned down to Minimum.