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This amp is all new on the inside.

At first you might think it looks similar to the Model 861 on the outside. But, the similarity is only skin deep. This new model sports a custom granite look 5R4WGB rectifier tube just like the one on our flagship DECO amps. Then the circuitry inside is so different from the 861 that it demanded a whole new model number.

The 864 has a dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratio of 102dB at rated output. This is due to the all new filament, plate, and volume control circuits. And the THD Total Harmonic Distortion measurement is also improved 50%. Then the 864SR Silver Reference has its internal signal path wired with our world renowned 470 silver interconnect wire. This wire is 99.9999% pure silver and double shielded to reject noise and make sure you have the cleanest purist path for your music. Our customers have been asking us to internally wire our power amps with our 470 silver wire for years. They've come to appreciate the great sonic benefits of the 470 silver interconnect between their top quality components and it only made sense that we finally carry that same super quality wire to the interior circuits that carry the precious music signal. Of course we also offer the 864 without the internal silver wire to give you the choice.

We debuted the all new 864SR at CES 2005 in Las Vegas in January 2005. And everyone was blown away by our sound. You will be too when you hear the 864SR.