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Jas Bravo 2.1 6N5P Integrated Amplifier

Bravo 2.1 features application of low internal resistance 6N5P (6SA7) vacuum tubes, which facilitates sound reproduction in a relatively huge sound stage. It is also outstanding in its performance of sound controllability at a power output of 30W per channel. Designed with a unique driving circuit with enhanced current damping of 500V or above, Bravo 2.1 excels its counterparts by its performance in delivering dynamic sound while maintaining a capability of relatively low distortion. Applying the 6N2 and 6N1 tubes in the multi-tier signal driving circuit as input stage and drive stage respectively enhances voltage gain in driving the 6N5P output tubes helps deliver transparent and crystal clear sound with details to listeners. Bravo 2.1 is supplied with a remote control.

Bravo 2.1 is supplied with a remote control.

Output Power: 30W X 2     
Total Harmonic Distortion: = 1.1% ( 28W )
S/N ratio : 83dB
Power Frequency Response: 10 Hz (-0.5dB ) --- 20 KHz  ( -3dB )  
Input Sensitivity: 0. 63V for 30W             
Input Impedance: 47 K O
Vacuum Tube: 6N5P X 4   6N1 X 2 6N2 X 1
Static Power Consumption: = 180W  
Dimensions: 430mm (W) × 160mm (H) × 310mm (D)     
Net Weight: 16 Kg 36 lbs - shipping weight - 41lbs