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Backert Labs
Xphono tube MM / MC phono pre-amp

(Introduction List is $6000 and July 1 goes up to $6995.00)

The Xphono has 15 MC loading options, ranging from 29 ohms to 410 ohms.
It's the Rhumba Xphono, a tubed phono pre-amp

Named "Rhumba Xphono" because it is comparable to our $6,500 Rhumba Extreme linestage

Key Differentiating Feature:

Unlike any other phono preamp, we provide separate dedicated power supplies for each of the two gain stages in the MM stage -- in other words, the 2 complete and separate amplifiers in the MM stage (which are always utilized, whether cartridge is MM or MC) each get their own discrete power supply.

This results in more pure and steady power for the critical first amplifier which amplifies the tiny signal from the cartridge.

Further differentiating features:

    - two separate power supplies are Bob Backert's patented GreenForce power supply
    - uses the Class A amplification circuit from our flagship Rhythm
      and our Rhumba Extreme linestages
    - our unique auto-bias circuit to extend tube life and make every brand of tube sound its best
    - two different grounding screws using 2 different methods -- choose which is most quiet
      in your system

In addition:

  • One pair of RCA outputs, and one pair of fully-balanced XLR outputs.

  • Separate RCA input pairs for MM and MC, with a MM/MC switch on the front panel.

  • Signal path: MM stage uses total of 4 tubes, MC goes through a premium step-up transformer from Jensen first, then through the MM tube circuit.

  • Four 12at7 tubes, we supply the excellent Gold Lion gold pins.

  • Tube life is extremely long -- owners will probably never need to change their tubes because we run the tubes very gently, as in our linestage preamps.

  • Our automatic tube biasing circuit, which lets every brand of tube sound its best, and compensates for changing bias needs as tubes age (thus extending tube life even further)

  • MC loading (corrected information): 15 different MC loading options from 29 to 410 ohms and standard 47K for MM.

  • Gain is 47db for MM and 67db for MC.

  • Gain switch on front panel lowers gain values to 41db for MM and 61db for MC.

  • Front panel features an instant mute switch, like our linestage preamps

  • Feet are 3 of the excellent Terracones from edenSound