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Speed control for turntable AC Turntable motor

This Opera-Consonance PS-1 speed controller can upgrade your mid-budget turntable to a high end one by controlling the AC motor speed to precision through adjusting the frequency.

The speed control can be adjusted, by screwdriver, through a POT located inside a small opening on the front.

AC IN and AC OUT can accept 115V and 230V through the switch at the back. The AC Out is a universal socket which can take any type of power plugs from all over the world. 

It is an inexpensive add-on device to your existing system, instead of spending thousands of dollars to purchase a brand new high end turntable. 

Brushed aluminum finish in black color, can easily match with any turntable or furniture. 


  • AC INPUT:230V, 115V by switch 
  • AC OUTPUT: 230V, 115V by switch
  • Frequency adjustment from 46Hz to 53Hz
  • shipping weight-20lbs