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Dual Turntables
Made in Germany : the legendary turntable is still alive!


Fully automatic luxury turntable with solid wood console The new M-series of DUAL CS 455-1 turntables for the finest of listening pleasure, perfectly handmade in Germany with high-grade finish. Vibration damped heavy platter--Floating sub-chassis for high class listening pleasure--Speed in rpm: 33/45/78

Tone arm
. Cardan bearing with zero-mass tracking force setting thanks to precision Torsion spring.
Removable headshell with 1/2 inch fixing holes.
Ortofon OMB 10 - Moving Magnetic

455-1pb-Piano Black -Gold Accents
CS- 455-1w -Walnut - Gold Accents

Either color ---979.00


Dual CS-505-4 Semi Automatic Turntable

Simple and easy to operate:
semi-automatic turntable with fine pitch control.
Full board with floating suspension.
Vibration-damped aluminum platter with thick antistatic felt mat.
16-pole synchronous motor with fine pitch control. Viscosity-damped tone arm lift mechanism. Ortofon - OMB 10 magnetic cartridge supplied. Matt Black

List Price- $795.00


Dual CS-435-1 Fully Automatic Turntable

A superb combination: precision technology, A full range of comfort features and an attractive price

Solid wooden frame. Floating subchassis Aluminium platter with antistatic felt mat. Balanced tone arm. Adjustable counterweight and anti-skating. Autostop with tone arm return. Viscosity-damped tone arm lift mechanism. DC motor with electronic speed control. Dual-DMS 251 S magnetic Cartridge supplied.

COLOR -Matt Black

List price $579.00




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