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Integrityhifi Tru Sweep
Cleaner Brush for Your Vinyl

Not all products are created equal... now there is Tru-Sweep

  Crafted in solid (304 & 316 Surgical  Stainless Steel) 

The perfectly balanced Uni-pivot arm allows the Camel Hair brush to gently track the grooves of the record.  
With adjustable tracking force you can control the speed of which the arm travels inward.  

The soft Camel Hair brush gently sweeps across the record  picking up fine dust and drains the static build up thru a connected ground wire keeping your stylus dust and static free. 
Ground wire color may vary.

All have SOLID round bases & Solid Rod.  

Small - 1" TO 1 3/4"
Medium 1 3/8" TO 2 1/8"
Large 1 3/4" TO 2 1/2"
Measure from top of the plinth to the top of the platter to get the size you need.
For Custom heights, contact Quest For Sound.

Speical long arm available for VPI AVENGER,
Inquire through Quest For Sound

  • Unit is adjustable in height by 3/8". Round large base and the riser is constructed of 304 S.S. same as the lifter.

  • 1/4" arm rod and the removable brush head is 316 Surgical S.S, this is important as it contains the greatest proprieties in the S.S. Family wich makes it most suitable for our purpose which is to drain static as it happens in real time. 

  • Sliding along the arm is a collet that we use as fine tracking/skate force. 

  • In the rear of the arm is the counter weight adjustable with a set screw. 

  • Brush is fine soft Camel hair - also removable for easy washing. 

  • Drain ground wire is attached to the large base.

  • Removable head brush for easy warm water washing.

  • Allen Key included for adjusting height & removing head as all have set screws.

  • Blu tac included for the base.

  • Ground Wire is also included. - COLOR MAY VARY