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Ensure Your Tracking Force Is Exact, Hear Vinyl LPs in the Best-Possible Sound: Japanese-Made Ortofon DS-3 Digital Stylus Gauge Offers Hyper-Accurate Precision, Effortless Ease of Use

The Ortofon DS-3 digital stylus gauge offers an effortless and accurate way to set the correct tracking force on your cartridge – a necessary process that both ensures the best-possible playback of your LPs and prevents damage to your vinyl and system. A miniature, ultra-precision, non-magnetic instrument that fine-tunes your tonearm, DS-3 features incredible sensitivity and comes straight from the factory pre-calibrated for measurements within an astonishing +/-0.01g. That's exact – and exactly what any analog lover requires. Made in Japan, DS-3's slim form factor makes it easy to use while its high build quality guarantees consistent, repeatable results. A back-lit LED display makes adjustments in low-light conditions a cinch. Simple AAA battery operation, along with a LO battery indicator, adds to the hassle-free operation and maintenance. DS-3 makes measurements easy, fun, and, most importantly, precise.