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Shelter 501 III Phono Cartridge

The legendary Shelter 501 III phono cartridge is renowned around the world as a bargain for the money. You can spend more and not get better sound. The legendary Shelter 501 III phono cartridge is one of the highest recommended cartridges of our time. -Jerry Raskin

The Absolute Sound
"Shelter cartridges.have been generating Internet "buzz" as price to performance leaders for well over a year. Let me come right out and say it: The Shelter 501 MK III is the best sub-$1200 cartridge I've yet heard. This cartridge has treble air without brightness, transient speed without overshoot, definition without edginess, focus without sterility, and bass weight without any thick or syrupy coloration. Is this cartridge as close as you can get to top-tier performance ...I think it is, which is why this cartridge has me singing along w/ Mick Jagger, "GIMME SHELTER!" - Chris Martins

Stereophile Recommended Component, Class B

Shelter Model 501 III

The 501 III is comprehensive model of 5 series. The first 5 series model 501 was launched more than 10 years ago with its design goal of well-balance, easy to use and comfort, and that philosophy is inherited to the latest model of 501 III . 5 series do not u se new material nor have novel technology so in true meaning it is an orthodox MC cartridge. Shelter believes that as a manufacture it is essential to carry same model with modifying the product for a long time. 501 III is also designed with materials that are always available and used. The motor assembly is simple structure combining the double layers of OFC wires wound into the iron core in normal way and aluminum clad boron cantilever. As the result it is simple yet very stable in every aspect. The output voltage is adequate 0.5mV also it accords with most tone-arms. 501 III reproduces the music straightly without asking the recorded year or music genre. The balance of expressiveness, resolving power and energy feel achieved at highest level. The 501 III will adapt t o your audio system naturally and creates new standard of the analog playback.

Output voltage: 0.5mV
Stylus tip: 0.3 x 0.7mil elliptical
Impedance: 14 ohm
Weight: 8.1 gram
Stylus pressure: 1.4 2.0 gram

List $1295.00





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