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There's Never Been a Turntable Like the VPI Nomad

VPI Nomad Comes Complete With Built-In Headphone Amplifier, Incredible Phonostage, and Ortofon 2M Red Pre-Setup at the Factory

VPI has just engineered the best-sounding, most unique under-$1k turntable we've ever heard. After more than 30 years in business, VPI sets a new analog benchmark with the   Nomad . Not only is the VPI   Nomad   completely designed and built here in the USA, it betters many models priced well over $2,000. We expect this to be the most talked-about turntable of 2014!

Spin any LP, and the Nomad will leave you stunned. Backgrounds are dead silent. Bass is thunderous and completely controlled. Soundstaging sounds remarkable. We're so astonished by the utter simplicity and stunning sonics, we could go on and on. But nothing we can say fully captures the thrilling experience we've had playing the   Nomad . If you are in the market for a 'table (even a more expensive one), we highly encourage an in-home audition. After all, it's a no-risk opportunity. If you are not as impressed with the   Nomad   as we are, we'll take it back. Guaranteed.

The advanced technology inside Nomad speaks to its excellence. VPI engineered a new gimbaled-bearing tonearm with no-nonsense looks and form-follows-function design. It's utterly a great-sounding arm: nothing more and nothing less. And the newly designed platter/spindle/bearing assembly was tested, tweaked, re-tested, and improved until company founder Harry Weisfeld was satisfied. Given his perfectionist mentality, that's saying something!

The Nomad also includes an attribute we've never seen in any 'table: a built-in headphone amplifier--one specifically designed for   Nomad , to boot. Feel free to plug in any pair of 'cans and listen through the night without disturbing anyone. But please do us a favor. Since you'll likely be on the move or dancing around to the sweet sounds of   Nomad , get a headphone extension cable!

A built-in phono preamplifier and   Ortofon 2M Red   moving-magnet cartridge round out the   Nomad 's other unique features. They work in literal harmony to provide the best-possible sound from the Ortofon and make the 'table sing. Plus, the phono preamp is built to perfectly complement the Ortofon 2M Series. So if you want better performance, simply upgrade the stylus.  

NOTE:   The output of the Nomad is line-level only (plug and play); the built-in phono stage cannot be bypassed and you cannot use an outboard phono preamp.

Nomad   is simplicity personified! Once you get your   Nomad , just open the box, put the platter over the spindle, and plug in the turntable. That's it. No additional work is necessary. Everything has been done at the factory. The alignment is completed; the tracking force is already set. You'll be spinning tunes in under a minute.

The   VPI Nomad   is bound to make serious waves in the audiophile community and with analog lovers the world over.

The VPI Nomad is an all in one table to appeal to all audiences. The new Nomad features a built-in American sourced headphone amp and RIAA phono preamp. Just plug a set of headphones into the mini-jack, adjust the volume and your dorm room, office or bedroom becomes a vinyl-centric playback venue.  This table is targeted for the music lover's first easy to use system.

Here is what is included in the Nomad:

  • Ortofon 2M Red which we are mounting for you.
  • Headphone amplifier and output with volume control.
  • Phono connectors so you can still set the Nomad up to your regular system.
  • Aluminum gimbaled tonearm.
  • MDF turntable/platter.