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1 pair of true balanced xlr-Y - connecters

A46 Truebalance Series Y Insert Cables Feature
A46 Series oxygen free twisted pair conductors provide a sonically pure, more dynamic signal than typical Y interconnects and insert cables. Configured at 10 twists per inch with an interwoven drain wire for common mode noise protection
Aluminum/Mylar foil shielding with drain wire, provides 100% RF shielding
Smooth matte black PVC 0.180´´ O.D. outer jacket Y-Insert Cables Only: o Tip/send (noted by red label and collar on send plug)
Ring/return (noted by black label and collar on return plug)
Precision machined GS Series 1/4 inch plugs with gunmetal barrels and gold plated contacts, provide maximum conductivity and prevents long term corrosion and oxidization of contacts.