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The A56G series interconnects take you to a higher level of Cable Perfection. Featuring our precision crafted Gold plated GS Series Gunmetal connectors.

THE A56G-CP-XLR-1/2M Cable 1/2 METER XLR TRUE BALANCED INTERCONNECTS ---Series takes a monumental step in audio interconnect value, with a design which results in a sonically expensive cable. The A55 and A56 Series features a 30 strand oxygen-free copper (OFC) twisted pair stranding, resulting in a low capacitance design. The benefits of the TrueBalanced design are now realized with the OFC signal ground conductor twisted around the center instead of a typical braided shield. This results in a sonically superior design as the electrical properties and specifications of both the signal and signal ground are similar. A 100% mylar foil shield covers the entire length of the cable offering superior shielding capability and greater RFI rejection. This results in a superior transfer of the original signal, excellent sound quality and long-term durability. TrueBalanced interconnects are available in Dual Channel A56 Series (Dual extruded cable design). Absolutely the best sounding interconnect on the market today and tomorrow. even at twice the price! In the Studio, at Home or on the Road, an excellent value for the demanding Audio Professional.

GS Series XLR's (male and female) boast a hard and durable, yet sparkling, gunmetal finish and a roadworthy precision crafted connector housing. Contacts and solder cups are Hard Gold Plated for maximum conductivity and signal transfer. Double sized, extra deep solder cups assure faster assembly. A screw on low profile Black PVC barrel with flexible PVC boot, clampsdown on a proprietary design adjustable compression strain relief. This provides a screwless, yet secure cable locking mechanism. The Carver Professional Cable Philosophy
Our cable interconnection Philosophy can be summed up in a simple statement. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". In this case, all the audio cables in your signal path are part of the chain. The more corners you cut in the quality of cable interconnect you use, the more likely you are to degrade the performance of your system. Your choice of cable is more critical than ever with the introduction of higher tech sound processing and recording devices over the last few years. These devices require a much higher quality cable to help control RF interference and other stray noise. With the higher sophistication and quality of the gear, the greater likelihood that the inefficiencies of lower quality cable interconnects will become obvious. So, when you are planning the purchase of a new system or updating your present system, allow yourself an adequate budget for the cable interconnects. Consider them an essential piece of gear not a last minute add-on. After all if you're spending all your hard earned money for the latest, greatest, piece of gear, don't you want to get the most bang for your buck.