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The finest quality solid silver. 99.999% pure slow-drawn continuous-cast continuous-crystal oxygen-free silver. This cable is engineered for the maximum in pure music clarity and value. The subtle details of vocals and instrumentals flow cleanly through the twin 22-gauge pure silver wires. They are not just silver plated. They're pure silver! Dual 100% foil & braid shielding. Hear all your music through these virtually perfect wires.

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Locking WBT-0144 24 Carat Gold RCA plugs.

The #444 RCA is a 3-conductor single-ended cable with a low noise floor that rivals XLR balanced cables. This is because the dual 100% shield is only used as a shield and is not part of the signal or return path. The signal & return conductors are run as a twisted pair in the center of the cable, which further fights unwanted noise through common mode noise rejection. This extra quiet cable lets you hear the breathtaking details with the immediacy of the original live performance. This is the exact same design that has made the #470 RCA Silver cable so popular. And, the #444 is also available with XLR balanced connectors. Every #444 cable is hand-tested & inspected by Granite Audio President Don Hoglund, and comes with his initialed inspection card. The #444 will give 98% of the ultimate performance of the #470 at about 80% of the cost. That's value. This maximum value cable is available only through Granite Audio authorized dealers. Quest For Sound is the exclusive World Wide Debut dealer for this great sounding handcrafted cable.