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GRANITE AUDIO Model #555 AC Power Cord. MSRP $580.00 per 8 Ft.

This heavy gauge handcrafted power cord gives full-powered tight bass response, an expanded 3-dimensional sound stage, and cleaner less sibilant highs. Vocals will be more dynamic and live sounding because they will no longer be shortchanged with leftover power, or clouded by unwanted EMI & RFI from the power lines.

Audiophile Quality Parts. Finally an AC mains power cord with audiophile grade connectors on both ends. This is our New Millennium model with super heavy duty WattGate IEC female connector and Hubbell 8215C Hospital Grade male plug. The bare ends of the 123 individual 30AWG copper wires are treated with ProGold before being secured and shrink sealed into these maximum quality connectors.

Double Toroid EMI & RFI Filters. These high power cords are double filtered from DC to 1MHz with proprietary toroidal type filters that have extra high resistance to saturation by heavy current loads. Since these toroidal filters are non-inline, they don't choke off any of the necessary current to your power supply during extreme music passages. The filters are at both ends of the cord to filter in both directions. This will filter unwanted EMI & RFI from your power company lines from getting into the component. It will also eliminate the noises generated by the component from feeding back through the AC line to your other equipment.

The 15amp Hubbell & WattGate plugs are UL & CSA approved. The wires are UL, CSA, & MSHA approved to 600 volts. The black outer braid is flame retardant and makes these huge cords easier to handle while protecting them from abrasion.