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iDIGIT   Digital Interconnect Cable

BETA Digital 6N Silver Plated OFHC Digital Cable

MSRP:   RCA Coaxial $200/1.0m  --2m/ $275.00  XLR Balance US$250/1.0m-- 2m/$325.00

If you are looking for the state-of-the-art in digital audio performance, look no further than our iDIGIT Digital Coaxial. After years of development, we are proud to announce our flagship digital coax. This cable is capable of extremely high data rates and was designed for serial digital data transmission with minimal Structural Return Loss. Perfect for DVD digital audio to a Dolby Digital/DTS processor or outboard DACs.


+ Drastically reduces signal distortion for unrivaled audio clarity using 6N oxygen-free, OFHC conductors and high-purity, silver solder joints;

+ Optimizes performance at all frequencies for consistent, exact sound reproduction using Hybrid-conductor technology;                             

+ Maintains stronger signals that yield superior sonic accuracy with precision-formulated,Polyethylene dielectric material;              

+ Protects against wire damage for consistently high-quality audio with integrated strain relief;

+ Maintains integrity, even when bent with abrasion-resistant, flexible PE jacket   with protection braid;

+ Creates precise contact for low loss with included 24k gold-plated, RCA plugs.