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Zion's power cables are assemble with discrete shielding; further reduce signal resistance and intermediation distortion that would occur if the whole musical audio signal were carried in background noise.

P1-S is a double shielded Single-Crystal OFC + (Ag) silver hybrid cable. Each of the three conductors features a combination of 10 AWG OFC (copper) and doubling the amount of high grade AG (silver). Each line, neutral, and ground wire are individually insulated with FEP. The double shielding consists of a layer of aluminum foil and close-lapped tin braiding providing 96% coverage for RFI/EMI avoidance. A 100% cotton cord is used in the center for resonance and vibration damping. The result is a better sonic balance which can be characterized as having a warmer response in full dynamic spectrum. P1-S is especially good at bringing out the best in the bass region, which is an excellent choice for pre-amps and intergraded-amps.

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