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6 METER BALANCED pair of xlr interconnects factory fresh .,new in box., PRO SERIES ZEROpoint MUSICAL REFERENCE interconnects is the first interconnects to utilize PC-OCC{pure copper-ohno continuous casting) OXYGEN FREE to eliminate the noise and distortion caused by the conductor material itself. This process produces pure copper conductors with uni-directional single crystal structure and a uniqe mirrow smooth finish.The uni-directional single crystal structure eliminates distortion which is produced when complex musical signals are conducted across the crystal boundaries as is the case with conventional copper and/or OFC(oxygen-free copper} conductors Each conductor bundle in our Musical Reference interconnects is wrapped in a cross linked polyethylene {PE}jacket. The use of polyethylene jackets minimizes the effects of dielectric absorption from degrading the signal.The conductor bundles are then geometricaly arranged in a spiral Twisted Pair to increse the Common Mode Rejection of longer cable lengths.Additionally,an independent braided shield which is terminated to ground at the source end of the cable to provide maxinum RFI rejection and noise immunity. Advanced desighn does not stop at the cable itself.The XLR connectors are engineered to provide the finest possible interface between the interconnects and your audio system. The center pin and unique six cur ground sleeve enables the connector to provide maximum contact pressure for superior signal transfer and sonic exellence.The Zero Musical Reference interconnect is the ultimate choice in audio cables for the critical audiophile !!!!!