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NEW April Music Aura Note V2 All in One Receiver

Many people today use personal computers as a primary music source-search engine, library and player in one. Despite inheriting the best from the past, the April Music Aura note V2 is full of cutting-edge technology and this is especially true in digital signal processing.

All digital signals passing through the Aura note V2 by April Music benefit from these technologies and this even includes MP3 files. When connected to your PC via USB, the Aura note V2 reveals sonic treasures that would otherwise remain hidden.

Discrete and elegant, the Aura note V2 is convenient at home as well as for office use. The April Music Aura note v2 is capable of impressive sound comparable to any other expensive high end audio systems. You will experience all the qualities you've come to expect from a high end audio product: deep soundstage, tremendous dynamics, delicate details and nuance.

Still the same size and same design as the original Aura note by the British legendary designer Kenneth Grange, the Aura note v2 has many new features, including:

  • Top-loading CD player
  • FM tuner (preset 20 stations)
  • Two auxiliary inputs for external analog devices
  • Optical digital input (handling up to 192kHz / 24bit)
  • Stereo pre-amp output for use with external power amplifier or subwoofer
  • Primary USB port for use with portable music players like MP3 players or USB memory devices
  • Secondary USB port for use with personal computers (notebook or desktop PC, Up to 192kHz / 24bit)
  • 125 Watts-per-channel power output by B&O’s Icepower ASX250 digital amplifier
  • IPod connection
  • One headphone output

With these kinds of options, the Aura note V2 has a significant improvement over the original Aura note and Aura note premier. A pair of loudspeakers and cables are all that’s needed to enjoy a very satisfying music system with the Aura note V2

Main MCU (main control unit)
Very powerful multi-format digital audio player, MLC3700 from MCS Logic is applied for system controller and decoder controller. This 32-bit RISC provides optimum performance and code density for the combination of control code and signal processing required for very complicated digital audio decoding, file system management and system control.

Thanks to the most updated and powerful MCU, V2 can support many new features with the real high-end quality as below.

PC USB Supports up to 24Bit/192KHz
Users can play any type of music files up to 24Bit/192kHz including 176.4, 96, 88.2, 48, and 44.1 files.
Mac OS does not require extra driver but PC Windows need a driver which is included in the package. 

iPod True Digital Docking
By plug in connecting cable from Apple, users can connect their iPod, iPad and/or iPhone with Aura note V2 via digital connection which guarantees the best quality playback from these Apple devices.

USB Type A Memory Playback
You can plug in normal USB memory devices with music and play thousands of music without any headache (plug and play). Users can play MP3, WMA, FLAC (up to 24/96) and normal WAV files with 16Bit/44.1KHz.

125W / Channel Power Amplifier
Aura Note V2 is equipped with specially designed ICEpower (a division of B&O) 250ASX power amplifier module.

This power is full enough to drive almost any loudspeakers made for home entertainment.

A specially designed preamp circuitry enhances the midrange and high frequency musicality making this Aura Note V2 sound like a real high-end all-in-one receiver. 

Power Amp 


Output Power 

125W + 125W at 8Ω





Analog Input 

AUX : RCA × 2 

Digital Input 

Optical × 1 (up to 192khz/24bit)

USB Input

USB Type A × 1 : iPod or USB Memory Dual support for either iPod(Digital Connection) or USB Memory file playing (MP3 / WMA / FLAC / WAV)
 USB type B × 1 : PC USB Link (up to 192khz/24bit) Mac™ OS & Windows™ OS


Headphone × 1
1 Pair of Speakers
Pre Out (RCA) × 1 


Cirrus Logic CS3310(0.001%thd, 116db Dynamic range)

Frequency Response






CD Mechanism 


Available Media

CD / MP3 CD / USB Memory

D/A Conversion 

Cirrus Logic cs4398. 120db, 193khz

Digital Filter

Proprietary 3rd order filter






Preset 20 Stations






w278 × H100 × D278MM


16.5 lbs., 7.5 kg (NET)

Power Consumption



Remote Control, USB 2.0 Cable, FM Antenna, Power Cable 



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