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Now Includes TCXO clock upgrade

This is widely known as the best value DAC out there and often compared to the Benchmark DAC1 - and at a fraction of it's price! With the upgraded TCXO clock; it's soundstage is huge, the bass is deep and details are nicely articulated.  This package also includes a stylish solid metal remote control that matches the DAC's case perfectly.

DA7.2X is a product of multifunctional and capability: it support coaxial input, optical input and RCA input; support 24Bit/192KHz D/A convert; beside a group of RCA output, DA7.2x also have one group of Hifi classic Xlr output. SEPARATE circuit of high standard Hi-Fi headphone amplifier; support adjusting the volume of headphone. The mini sizes make it easy to placed .DA7.2X keep the characteristic dynamic, high analytic and low distortion of PC Hi-Fi sound, adapt to play the audio or video file such as APE and AVI. On the base of them, designer put the orthodox Hi-Fi into DA7.2X,


· DA7.2x use the chip PCM-1796 of Texas Instruments company as D/A convert, digital received chip is CS8416 of American CRYSTAL company, really support 24bit/192KHz digital-audio convert.

·DA7.2x support RCA coaxial and optical digital input, for all the digital equipment that with coaxial and optical output ( such as soundcard of computer, DVD player, CD player, digital radiogram and so on) can connect them into DA7.2X, you can use DA7.2X in many fields.

·There is a single circuitry for headphone amplifier in DA7.2x, AND is a powerful amplifier, can play the headphone of mid-low impedance and high sensitivity well.

·DA7.2x with remote control and volume adjust

·The mini sizes of DA7.2x make it easy to place.


Digital Coaxial input: level 0.5v p-p Input Impedance: 75 ohm
Digital Optical input: level -15Dbm Digital Encoder: 24Bit/196KHz
D/A Converter: 24Bit/196KHz Audio Output: 2.0V (1KHz, 0dB)
Xlr Output: 4.0V(1KHz, 0dB) S/N: 110dB , THD: 0.019%
Dynamic range: 113dB Frequency Response: 20-58KHz(±1.5dB)
Audio Input: 200mV(47k Ohm) Audio Input: 200mV(47k Ohm)
Earphone Impedance: 32-600 ohm Power Supply: AC110V /60Hz
Dimensions - 9.84" x 11 " 2.5 " - 10 lbs LIST PRICE -- $ 695.00

DISTRIBUTED BY:- Quest For Sound - 2307-R Bristol Pike
Bensalem, Pa 19020 - 215-953-9099- fax-215-953-998
Email- Questforsound@aol.com ..web site www.questforsound.com