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MJ PL - High-Performance CD Player 

o Cirrus Logic CS8497 24-bit 192KHz Stereo DAC Engine with Advanced Segment 8x Over-Sampling Technology
o Cirrus Logic CS8416 Digital Audio Receiver with soft-mute and low-jitter clock recovery
o High Performance Analog stage Circuit designed with Burr Brown INA 103 very Low Noise, low distortion Instrumentation Amplifier to provide superior sound quality.
o Support CD stereo output up to 192 KHz input frequency.
o Steel Handmade Casing with power coating finishing and special painted surface for front panel (10mm thick) which gives high class appearance.
o Remote Control
o Output: Analog Stereo RCA Output; Digital RCA output
o Independent voltage regulators for analogy & digital circuit for better noise performance.
o Separate ferrite-bead and bypass filter for each voltage supply line.
o PCB layout by experience designer with wide audio track line and optimized pattern on single side board for best audio performance.
o Expensive Toroidal Transformer to reduce power line noise to minimum.
o Dimension: 11.2" x 3.2" x 14.4" (WxHxD)
o LST PRICE - $2100.00