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Furman Elite 15 PFi Power Conditioner

  • 13-outlet power conditioner Provides superior performance for power amps and other gear
  • 15 amp capacity
  • Power Factor correction provides 45 amps peak surge surplus current for power-starved amplifiers
  • 1 linearly filtered front panel outlet
  • 4 linearly filtered outlets
  • 4 linearly filtered outlets with additional ultrasonic filtering for digital or video components)
  • 4 power factor corrected amplifier outlets
  • New, ultra-quiet power supply
  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unequaled AV clarity
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) provides the highest level of protection available
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) protects equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions
  • Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical digital components
  • Ultrasonic filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components
  • Retractable LED lamps illuminate a cabinet or rack full of equipment
  • Detachable surge suppression module for telco and cable / satellite connectors
  • 12 volt triggering for remote control
  • AC Current Capacity: Input, 15 Amp capacity required; Output, 11-15 Amps RMS (maximum, all outlets combined, continuous)
  • Linear Noise Attenuation: Transverse (Differential) Mode, > 40 dB from 10 Khz. - 100 kHz. >80 dB from 2 Khz. - 100 kHz. – 1 GHz. (Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 – 100 ohms line impedance)
  • Power Consumption: 12 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load
  • Dimensions: 4" high, 17" wide, 14.75" deep (Standard 2 RU height without feet)
  • Weight: 15 lbs.

13-Outlet Power Protection for Power Amps

Just Like Doubling the Power of Your Amp

For cost-conscious home theater or hi-fi systems where premium performance is still essential, you can't do better than the 13-outlet Furman Elite-15 PF i. It delivers performance approaching Furman's IT-Reference Series at a fraction of the cost. The Elite-15 PF i upgrades and enhances the Elite-15 PF with an improved power supply that's quieter than ever, thanks to wide-bandwidth LiFT Linear Filtering Technology and other Furman innovations. It also includes 12v triggering.

"Surround Sound was More Precise"

When you plug your components into the Elite-15 PF i, you will immediately notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system.
"Surround sound was more precise, with a noticeably quieter noise floor," reports Doug Blackburn in his February 2006 review of the Elite-15 PF for Widescreen Review magazine. "Bass improved noticeably with the front three amplifier channels and three subwoofers all connected to the Elite 15. There was a newfound kick, drive, and tightness to the bass that improved the quality of the entire bottom end."
Sonic transients will be startlingly fast with bass fundamentals that shake foundations with their weight and visceral impact. Mid and high frequencies will bloom with sweet, non-glaring ease while imaging improves dramatically, all the while remaining true to your system's inherent virtues.

"Everything Looked Better"

The Elite improves picture quality, too. Video presentation will be crisp and colors true with greater gray and black scale definition, as well as noticeably improved depth and clarity.
"DVD images were more noise free. Everything looked better: sharpness, shadow noise, color reproduction, detail, and textures. Those things together improved the 3-D appearance of images significantly," notes Doug Blackburn in his Widescreen Review of the Elite-15 PF.

Power Factor Technology for Peak Power Demands

At the center of the Elite-15 PF i is Furman's unique Power Factor Technology. For the first time, low-level analog, digital, and video components are not modulated or distorted via the power amplifier's extreme AC current demands. The power amplifier 'sees' a highly filtered, extremely low-impedance supply of AC power. The Elite-15 PF i, in fact, has in excess of 3 amps of continuous current reserve (over 45 amps peak charge) for the most extreme peak power demands. This technology enables power amplifiers and powered subwoofers to operate at peak efficiency, reaching levels of performance previously unattainable.
No longer will your amplifier's performance be at the mercy of your home's incoming AC power or inferior AC protection/filtering devices. The net effect is as if your power amplifier virtually doubled in power and improved immeasurably in quality.

LiFT Leaves Line Noise Behind

Today's power lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to your home's power outlet, AC noise couples into your system's critical components. This AC noise masks low level signals and cripples performance. This low level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video.

With Furman's exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), televisions, projectors, DVD players, amplifiers, and processors are fed linearly filtered AC power. This dramatically reduces noise, ensuring consistent peak operation regardless of load conditions or the time of day. For the first time, you will see and hear your theater or audio system as it should be: uncompromised.

Another critical feature is Furman's exclusive Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+). This virtually maintenance-free surge suppression assures the highest level of AC protection possible, without sacrificing itself when the offending surge is severe; no damaged equipment, no service calls, no down time. Further, our famous retractable front panel LED lamps allow easy viewing of either a rack or cabinet full of equipment, even when your theater lights are off.

The Elite-15 PF i also features remote control capability via 12V triggering, compatible with the 12V triggering devices commonly found in power receivers and pre-amp processors. Additional products (such as a remote subwoofer) can be daisy-chained from the 12V output jack for an additional triggered unit. The 12V triggering feature may be bypassed if desired.