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Concerti 108 True Horn Speakers Gemme Audio offers a different type of horn-based loudspeaker. It uses one of the best full-range 4" speaker on the market, the Fostex FE108e Sigma and a host of superior components and design features. The cabinet is based on a design called True-Horn and offers stunning aesthetics!

More than most designs, well built horn loudspeakers give you an almost palpable sound, one that digs deeper into "reality". Our single-driver Concerti 108 deliver music with that sense of "you are there" feel. With very light paper cones and big magnets, our Fostex drivers react extremely fast to sound signals and our True Horn topology offers the maximized horn path they need. This translates in very fast transient attacks, accurate micro-detail information retrieval, explosive dynamics and the feel of a "live" concert. A clearer window opens to the music and you begin to hear details on your CDs or LPs that you never heard before... The first time people listen to a Concerti 108 , they are surprised by the dynamics and clarity of the sound coming from those small enclosures. The sheer impact of the sound wave hitting you is quite an experience, specially when one sees the very small speakers at work. Then they begin to appreciate the tonal accuracy and how "real" voices and piano sound. This is normally the time they choose to sit back and relax to the sound of music.


Specifications Details
True Horn design Using CNC computer-assisted machining we build a smoothly expanding horn section that is highly rigid. True Horn designs reduce turbulence in the horn chamber, resulting in sharper focus and precise positioning of instruments.
Fostex FE108E Sigma dirvers Using HP (Hyperbolic Paraboloid) shell diaphragm and 'ES cone' (paper made of banaba plant's fiber), the exceptional FE108EZ is the perfect match to our True Horn enclosures.
Cardas CCBPL To minimize signal loss, we use Cardas CCBPL Copper binding posts which are made of pure OFC, one of the best audio signal conductor.
Silver solder Used throughout for superior conductivity.
Non resonant, rigid enclosure Enclosure made of eight 1" thick massive, acrylic coated MDF panels, vertically bonded and stacked together, eliminating vibrations in all planes.
Frequency response (in room @ 3 meters) 42 - 23,000 Hz -6db
Sensitivity (SPL 1 watt/1 m) 93 db
Impedance 8 ohms (for most of the frequency band)
Dimensions 8 x 16 x 33" (WxDxH) - 200 x 400 x 825 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 80 lbs. (36 Kg.) per unit



All parts of the enclosures, inside and out, offer a high gloss mirror finish. Four days are needed to apply that finish.

A polyester lacquer is first used to seal the inside parts of the enclosure, which constitute the smooth curves of our True Horn topology. Three layers of that sealing lacquer are applied. When completely sealed, our MDF construction becomes as hard as a concrete block. Once this is done, one layer of primer is applied, then two layers of high gloss polyester lacquer are added. All enclosure parts are finally polished to obtain a high gloss piano finish.

We didn't stop there... A specialized damping compound, called Effecta Gomma (from Italy), is applied on the Fostex driver birch wood mounting plate, to minimize diffraction. That mounting plate is also differenciated from the rest of the enclosure by a round groove carved around its perimeter and offers a contrasting matte finish.

Other features include the outside panels, which use a one piece, no joint construction.

They listened to the Concerti... Gilles Thibodeau, a member of the AMA, offered these comments after listening for two hours and half to our Concerti 108 during the AMA presentation, "Those speakers have phenomenal speed, superb and spacious sound (I especially noticed the natural cymbal sound) and beautiful definition of instruments on the sound stage. The voices are simply superb with stunning clarity and richness, and tonal accuracy is at the rendez-vous. The construction offers high-tech engineering, with splendid painting and impressive high-gloss mirror finish. Sound spaciousness is impressive for the size of the loudspeakers. They sound like much bigger floorstanders. The Concerti provide a clear window to the music and their sound varies according to the recording, which for me, means a very high resolution.

Gille Thibodeau - AMA member

Serge Tremblay is a member of the AMA, who attended the Gemme Audio presentaion on Nov. 1st, 2005.

This is what he had to say, after over two hours and a half of listening : "The cabinet work is excellent and the dimensions are perfect (excellent WAF or as one other member said, WTF, meaning Wife Threat Factor!). I am not normally a fan of single full range drivers, but I am impressed by the sound (of the Concerti 108). When I heard the Suzie Arioli Swing Jazz Band, it sounded like she was right there in the room with us! The Concerti offered a very dynamic sound, and I really appreciated the Boubacar Traore world music piece, which played with great impact. The music played well outside the boundaries of the speakers, offering a generous soundstage."

Serge Tremblay - AMA member

What they say...
  • An early listener of our prototypes, R. L.  was listening to the latest Diana Krall CD when he suddenly jumped on his feet, walked to the middle of the room and said : "I feel I can touch her, she's there!"
  • D. J.  was listening to our set-up (our speakers driven by a $1000 single-ended tube integrated amp) and his first impressions were : "I've heard audiophile systems costing more than $20K that can't approach the kind of sound I'm hearing from your audio set-up!. I am very, very, very impressed!"