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The AL-1500 Speaker Lamp was designed large enough to produce high quality audio, while being small enough to resemble attractive contemporary lamps. The two- way bass reflex enclosure incorporates dual ports, with a 1" soft dome tweeter facing upward, and a
6 1/2" woofer facing downwards.  The sound is then reflected off of the adjacent cones, that
re-direct the sound horizontally in a 360 degree range away from the enclosure.

The unique design allows for improved porting capabilities, resulting in better low-end
performance and higher power handling capabilities than bookshelf speakers of similar size. Because they are omni-directional, these speakers can be placed on end tables, night stands, desks, or other furniture; and they always face the listener no matter where they are
placed in the room.   

This award-winning product can be used as a stereo pair, or used in conjunction with whole house or home theater components.  Patent # 5,995,634, the AL-1500 speakers are sure to impress the design connoisseur and audio enthusiast alike!


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