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460T 3-Way Quad 6.5" Tower Loudspeaker

The quad driver Brighton 460T is the formidable flagship of the Brighton series and provides the supreme Sinclair Audio experience. It' s the only model in the series equipped with the transparency Ribbon for the ultimate in high frequency reproduction, possesses a three-way crossover design provides the smoothest transition from low to high frequencies, and can handle the most powerful of electronics. The 460T provides the type of performance that will rival your favorite theater or concert hall.





Woofer: Dual 6.5" Woven Fiberglass Hybrid
Midrange: Dual 6.5" Woven Fiberglass Hybrid
Tweeter: 3" Transparency Ribbon
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 92dB
Power Handling: 250 Watts
Frequency Response: 32Hz - 40kHz
Dimensions, cm (HWD): 48" x 9" x 16"


Transparency Ribbon
The main technical advantage of a ribbon tweeter over a traditional tweeter is its vastly lower mass, allowing it to respond substantially faster than a traditional tweeter. Because it is lighter it can start and stop faster than a conventional design and more faithfully reproduce transient musical information. The result is stunning clarity and lifelike musical timbre, providing a vivid and awe-inspiring listening experience.  



Woven Fiberglass Hybrid Woofer
Woven Fiberglass possesses an incredible strength to weight ratio which is why it's a popular material used in the construction of race car bodies, allowing them to stay very light yet maintain perfect rigidity. The benefits are identical when applying it to woofer construction, making it light enough to react quickly for a quick, tight response, yet strong enough to maintain its shape during challenging, explosive, bass-heavy passages so it's free of unwanted distortion.



Woven Fiberglass Hybrid midrange and Aluminum Phase Plug
The Woven Fiberglass Hybrid midrange cone is identical to the Woven Fiberglass Hybrid woofer with the important addition of a true phase plug. Midranges benefit from a true phase plug to help synchronize the sound that comes from the edge and center of the cone and time align the frequencies in the 300Hz-2K range. Frequencies below this, like those from a woofer, are omnidirectional by nature and do not need a phase plug which actually limits the SPL of a woofer. The phase plug slows down the acoustic wave from the center of the cone so it's transmitted at the same time as the acoustic wave from the edge, which is marginally slower, for perfect sonic accuracy. It also reduces cone mass to permit an extended frequency response and allows more airflow through the motor structure which improves cooling, thus increasing power handling. 


DALtech Acoustic Damping
Distortion occurs when a speaker resonates from the speaker's own energy, discoloring the desired sound and resulting in reduced sound quality. DALtech, which stands for Dead as Lead Technology, is an acoustic damping material that eliminates this distortion when strategically installed in specific parts of the speaker cabinet, capturing and absorbing the unwanted resonances