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Skylan speaker stands are MASS-LOADING. Construction consists of a rigid central pillar which can be sand filled for mass loading. The base is 1inch thick, and features die-cast threaded inserts for adjustable steel points or soft feet. The top plate is also rigid and non-resonant and incorporates high friction neoprene de-coupling pads to improve the speaker/stand interface.

  • Suits most speaker enclosure designs
  • Die-cast threaded inserts on base
  • Rounded Corners
  • Beautiful Black Finish
  • Rigid and non-resonant

      top plate 7 1/4 " x 7 1/4 "
      bottom plate --12 " x 11 1/2 "
      total height -- 27 inches

   2 post -- fillable with sand , cat litter or lead shot --    shipping weight- 22lbs
      Made for Kef LS-50 or R-300 Speakers --List $389.00 pr