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SQ H-12

(color - Sabel)

SQ H-12

The Bass driver unit is a British-made coated paper cone driver featuring low distortion and high endurance to humidity. Both of the features help make an assurance of superb sonic performance even in wet and humid weather. Employing special technique in wiring coils will help increase its reliability even under tough or at prolonged peak driving conditions. Power handling of this 7.7 Kg in weight driver unit can reach as high as 350W.

The Tweeter is a 43mm horn-loading type mounted with a piece of titanium membrane that can work with higher frequency extension, and is embedded in an elongated horn structure pyramid in shape. This would help derive a smooth response curve at the low end of highs, attaining a balance for the high frequency range. Both the tweeter and the bass unit are in a state of absolute phase accuracy.

The Crossovers are a separate entities ,designed for handling highs and bass. Each of them is individually shielded in a separate enclosure inside the cabinet that can further enhance reduction in interference arising from moving current when the speaker is working. This crossover is designed to be of -18dB rollover so as to achieve minimal interference between highs and lows. Attention to details and more delicacy in design of crossover help getting rid of differential phasing, which helps gain a success in securing continuity over the entire frequency range. Internal connecting wires are of high grade OFC. Most of the capacitors used are selected high current flow CBB coaxial capacitors.

Manufactured with components of unsurpassed quality and high standard of craftsmanship, natural vocal, pure sound and exquisiteness in timbre in sound reproduction can be assured. Designed for critical audiophile, The H-12 is truly amazing in its outstanding performance that nobody would disagree when brass instrument starts to play in an orchestral performance.

Other features:

1.           High grade MDF for making the cabinet of strengthened structure and the horn above; front panel for bass cabinet is 30mm thick, other sides range from 20-22mm

2.           High grade damping materials inside to obtain desirable damping effect and to reduce sound distortion to a minimal

3.           Copper plates embedded at 4 corners on top of the bass cabinet to help position the wooden horn with spikes resting on the lower cabinet

4.           A pair of custom-made jumpers is supplied to connect the horn and the lower cabinet

5.           High grade gold plated multi-purpose binding posts used

6.           Computer-assisted in determining angles of sound dispersion from horn (vertical angle 30 ° , horizontal angle 66 ° );

7.           One partition of 20mm thick with holes inside the lower cabinet for air passage

8.           Computer-assisted in determining size and positioning of the air port; a rectangular port of 40mm in height as determined ideal to increase thrust of bass from the cabinet

9.           Round grilles of different colors (as options) provided for filtering dust

10.       High grade OFC internal wiring and selected premium quality components used for crossover design in order to achieve ultimate sonic performance

Specifications of H-12:

Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 20KHz
Power Handling: 350W
Sensitivity: 97dB
Impedance -- 8 Ohms
Dimension of speaker: 45.5 " H x16.5" W x 17" D
Weight110 lbs ea/ Shipping 127lbs ea


Quest ForSound
2307-R Bristol Pike
Bensalem Pa 19020
website- www.questforsound@aol.com



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