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R601PW Classic Mono FM Radio

product characteristic:

Excellent Circuit and component make the sensitivity good. And the ability of
anti-jamming is strong.
By utilizing vacuum tube as the amplifier and match with specially-made
speaker, the sound is warm and mellow .
the special circuit design of magic eye.
the wooden box and classic design style.
Rich input and output jack
AUX IN: can connect with CD/VCD or Walkman
REC OUT: Record output jack
Earphone OUT: can connect with earphone

Technical Data:
Frequency Scope:
FM 88~108MHz
AM 540~1600KHz

FM > 40db
AM > 30db

Noise Sensitivity:
FM < 24db(s/n=30db)
AM < 64db(s/n=20db)
Distortion:FM < 1%,AM < 2%
Non-distortion Output power:≥6W
Single Signal selection:> 30dB
AC Power supply:230V/115V Switch (transferable)
Insider Speaker:5吋/4Ω 15W (it is now use 4'' speaker into the radio sample)
Speaker Frequency response:70Hz~16KHz
Amplifier Frequency response:30Hz~20KHz
Vacuum Tube Type:EL84(6P14)、 ECF82(6F2) 、6E2