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Most of the AC power conditioners available in the marketplace today are either of transformer or filter type and are quite effective in terms of lower system noise and clarity.

But the problem with these types of conditioners, however, is that they tend to lose energy in power and realism. Musicality of sound is completely lost. They also produce their own "characteristic" sound by the electrical components used. Finally, they do not directly address the quality of existing electromagnetic fields.

The RT800 conditions the space occupied by em fields of any kind: power, audio, video, data, wireless.
Sources of electromagnetic fields include audio amplifiers, CD/DVD players, analog/projection/ plasma TVs. Refrigerators, computers, and cabling/wiring (audio, video, power) also generate considerable em fields.

The RT800 employs a unique and cutting edge technology, Quantum Resonance TechnologyT. QRTT is a technology based on research into the random behavior of photons and electrons in AC electricity. Principles of electromagnetic field theory and quantum physics. The goal is to affect a more ordered electron behavior.

The QRT field from the RT800 is affected by two factors: the area of the space serviced by the utility meter, and the electrical load on the AC line.
The RT800 will affect the electromagnetic fields in spaces of up to 1,500 square feet.

QRT technology is not a transformer nor filter based design. Neither cryogenic freezing, electrical ionization, nor ceramic processes are used. QRT is a material treatment system utilizing electromagnetic field theory in a proprietary manner to enhance the transfer function characteristic of conductive materials. The treated components have the effect of inducing a correction into the erratic and random behavior of the AC current.
All of the electrical components of the RT800 have been treated with QRT.

The RT800 contains microprocessor circuitry to function as an efficient carrier of QRT. It contains specific preprogrammed frequencies to pulse the AC line. Principles of musical composition and other proprietary methods are used to generate an extensive variety of field patterns.

The RT800 is designed to be completely parallel to the AC line, including the 8 hospital grade outlets allowing up to 15 amps of continuous current. The unit does not, therefore, lose and energy in power and realism and offers an unparalleled musical sound when installed in high-end audio systems. Yet the stabilizer does not produce the "characteristic" sound signature of other conditioners. The RT800 also features an LED display to monitor QRT intensity and clock rate.

Once installed, the improvements produced by the RT800 will be strikingly noticeable. Your audio system will produce expanded dynamic range, enhanced imaging, along with spatial realism of voices and instruments. Music will now maintain "life", combining the clarity of digital along with the warmth of analog. Video systems will display images of vibrant color and texture, rendering a more 3-dimensional value.
Let your eyes and ears be the judge.

We hope you enjoy the RT800 and find it to be a valuable component addition to your audio and video system.