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Quest For Sound is a Warranty Repair Center for:

  • Raysonic Products
  • Jas Audio Products
  • Sound Quest Products
  • Monrio Audio Products
  • The New Line of Dual Turntables

and -

Quest For Sound also does Service on a non- warranty Basis for all Tube and Solid State Amps and Pre-amps --Phono Stages. We also offer Custom Modifications on most products through our close working relationship with RHB Sound Dezign's cutting edge circuit enhancements. We offer free estimates and quotes on all modifications on a per unit quote.

What is Dynamic Linearity?
We believe that capturing Dynamic Linearity is the essence of reproducing recorded music. All modifications are designed to help amplifiers reproduce music. Dynamic Linearity is every change that any note, any sound goes through from start to silence. Dynamic Linearity is accurately reproducing each of all the variations in frequency, volume and dynamics. "It's all of the factors of dynamic accuracy".  You can have a perfect frequency response. But if you don't have the proper dynamic changes in linearity, it absolutely will not sound like a live instrument

Why modify? Why not buy a new preamp or amplifier?
Listeners who have already invested in quality audio gear don't need to discard a component they like to chase the dream of real music on a home system. Many audio companies today are producing quality equipment. But the marketplace forces manufacturers to make compromises.  Modification eliminates those compromises. Once you've heard an amplifier that can achieve Dynamic Linearity, you will stop that audiophile equipment chase.

How much does this cost?
Like so many things in this world, that depends. Since each modification is a truly custom job, the price varies from customer to customer.

But is this affordable?
Yes. And not just by audiophile standards. Compared to those price tags, what QFS offers in terms of sound quality and craftsmanship is a flat out steal.

How long does it take?
Again, that depends on the component and what the listener is looking to do.  QFS strives to do quality design and construction and Repairs . but knows just how hard it is to live without a stereo sometimes. we will try our best to always get your product done as soon as possible --but can depend on parts availably.

QFS evaluates each amplifier it services. The entirety of the signal path is examined. The power supply is analyzed. The circuits are reviewed for strengths and weaknesses. 
We break down each amplifier's design into seven building blocks and assesses each of those building blocks for its impact on the overall performance.

Modifications are designed and installed - but only where needed. QFS is not looking in every case to overhaul an amplifier, or rewrite a manufacturer's design. QFS is committed to bringing the best out of already quality equipment.

The seven building blocks are:

  1. Input jacks, wirings and connections to switches, controls and PC boards.
  2. Switching circuits and connections, wiring hardware, switched output signal to PC destination.
  3. Volume control circuitry.
  4. Gain stages - tube and solid state.
  5. Output stage, or unity gain buffer.
  6. Muting, connections/wiring, jacks.
  7. Power supply.


Warranty-- Bring it in to us or Contact us  for an Ra # to ship the unit to us Pre-paid and insured enclose a copy of your receipt -- we can not do warranty with out it and enclose a letter explaining the problem.

Warranty DOES NOT INCLUDE RETURN SHIPPING COST --- we will give you a cost for return shipping.