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Bravo 2.3 SE 6C33 Integrated Tube Amplifier

Bravo 2.3SE  is an integrated valve amplifier of innovative design, featuring a singled-ended class A circuit handcrafted with point-to-point wiring for minimizing signal loss in transmission. This model is fitted with Russian 6C33 vacuum tubes and direct heated tube rectifiers for deriving a power output of 18W per channel. Acclaimed as all-round in performance with a capability of delivering vivid, dynamic and rhythmical sound in music reproduction, Bravo 2.3 SE brings listeners an impression of tonal balance in the entire frequency response.

2 separate chokes for regulating passage of alternate current at both high and low frequency with a view of suppressing background noise are deployed to ensure an awesome quiet sound stage. A step-less negative feedback control is equipped for adjusting signal feedback for meeting preference of listeners. Overlaid with hand finished solid wooden boards that is engraved with the Bravo logo and other indications, an elegant and stylish appearance is put in front of the audience. Made of aluminum alloy, the front panel of 16mm in thickness is also a representation of coherence in design of making the chassis robust and the gear working with durability.

Bravo 2.3 SE  6C33 is a Class A  Single Ended Integrated amp and is Tube Recified, supplied with a Remote Volume Control and Tube Cage., It has a Negative Feedback Adjustable Control to better adjust for any type of Music, and 4 inputs.

Output Power: 18 W X 2     
Total Harmonic Distortion: = 1% ( 8W )
S/N ratio : 86dB
Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 42 KHz  ( -3dB )
Input Sensitivity: 0. 6V for 14W   
Input Impedance: 47K O
Vacuum Tube: 6C33 x2     6J4P X2 5Z3P X2
Static Power Consumption: = 240W  
Dimensions: 430mm (W) × 170mm (H) × 335mm (D)      
Net Weight: 23 Kg - 54 lbs shipping weight - 60 lbs




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