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Bravo H-1 Hybrid

Class A

tube integrated amplifier

H-1 is supplied with a remote control.

LIST PRICE - $1795.00

Bravo H-1 is a transistor-driving tubes output amplifier which integrates a Class A Direct Current Coupling Dual-differential Circuit in its circuitry design. Apart from its capability of hitting a maximum power output of 70W per channel, Bravo H-1 is also synonymous with sound quality characterized by sweetness, exquisiteness, and definition and agile in response. H-1 is an ideal choice for audiophiles who have an affinity for sweet and glittering sound, and a desire of power for dynamic sound reproduction. In addition to the use of an imported quality circular ferrite core input transformer, a pair of oversized EI output transformers of 500W in capacity is employed in order to ensure availability of power allowance and lower internal resistance for meeting vigorous demand in high current output. The materials used plus high quality standards of craftsmanship further exemplify the concept of simplicity and elegance in design and durability in use. Overlaid with hand finished solid wooden boards that is engraved with the Bravo logo and other indications, an elegant and stylish appearance is put in front of the audience. Made of aluminum alloy, the front panel of 16mm in thickness is also a representation of coherence in design and visually pleasing. Bravo H-1 is supplied with a remote control.

volume and input selection

Output Power:

70W X 2

Total Harmonic Distortion:

= 1%

S/N ratio :


Frequency Response:

12 Hz - 30 Hz  ( -2B 5W)

Input Sensitivity:

0. 76V

Input Impedance:

47K O

Vacuum Tube:

EL34 x 4

Static Power Consumption:

= 135W

Net Weight :

19 Kg

Gross Weight :

22 Kg /50lbs

Dimensions :

450(W) × 95(H) × 350(D)

Packing Dimensions :

560(W) × 260(H) × 510(D)

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