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Model 30 Integrated Amplifier
Get the most musical sound possible from this Master-tuned integrated amplifier. Its custom-designed HDAM delivers exquisite detail and unforgettable musicality from any style of music.           Review of M30 click Here!

Featuring a fully discrete, two stage design for minimal interference, and unique Marantz HDAM technology for signal purity, MODEL 30 offers exceptional sound quality. A masterpiece of audio architecture

Hundreds of hours of thoughtful Sound Master tuning ensure the exquisite detail and musicality Marantz always delivers.

You see and feel it in the build quality and you hear it every time. No matter your musical passions, your music always sounds better with MODEL 30.

Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology is comprised of dozens of independent parts, each hand-selected for pure, detailed Marantz sound.

Designed to replicate the sensitivity and feel of a vintage analog amplifier even when simply adjusting the volume.

Technical Specifications
Output Power Rated Output Power 100W + 100W (8ohm)
200W + 200W (4ohm)
JEITA Power output -

Features Amplifier Circuit Switching Amp
(Hypex NC500/SMPS600
by single)
Power Trans Toroidal w/case
Volume Electric
Loudness -
Bass / Treble / Mid / Balance Control yes / yes / - / yes
REC Out Select -
Source Direct yes
Pure Direct -
(Marantz) Purest Mode -
Isolator (for USB-B input) -
Jitter reducer -
Dual Clock: 44.1 / 48 kHz -
Digital Filter -
Analog Amp Mode -
Wide Range 5Hz - 50kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
(1kHz, 8O)
Dumping Factor 500
Input Sensitivity: Phono input MM: 2.3 mV / 39 kohm
MC: 250
Input Sensitivity: CD/LINE/RECORDER 220 mV / 13 kohm
Input Sensitivity: Power Amp input 1.1 V / 13 kohm
SN Ratio PHONO (MM): 88dB
PHONO (MC): 75dB
CD: 107dB

Terminal Phono Input yes (MM/MC)
Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ
Ext. Pre Input (Power Amp Direct) yes
Preout yes
Audio (In/Out) Terminals *except Power Amp Direct In(or Ext-Pre) and Pre-out 6/1
* [PHONO] and [CD] inputs = high grade terminals.
Balanced XLR input -
Rec-Out Selector -
Optical input -
SN Ratio PHONO (MM): 88dB
PHONO (MC): 75dB
CD: 107dB
Coaxial input -
2 sets of Spk Terminal -
Speaker Terminal Marantz Original
Remote Control Bus Terminal yes (Cinch)
Ethernet -

Network Engine -
Computer music file streaming -
Gapless Playback Music ServerUSB A -
Internet radio -
AirPlay 2 -
GoogleCast -
Album art browsing -
Jpeg Picture Playback -
Cloud Music Service -
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) -
Wi-Fi Sharing -
OFF mode -
OFF mode -
Multi-Point -

UI Display yes (Porthole, OLED)

Control App Control via Network Player yes
System Remote Controller yes
(New system remote controller to control SACD 30 and MODEL 30)
RS232C -
Flasher Input -
Trigger 12V -
TV Auto-play (Opt/Coax digital-in sensor) -
Multi-Point -
Multi-Point -
Multi-Point -

Others Unit (W x H x D mm) 443 x 130 x 432
Packaging Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 534 x 255 x 522
Net weight 14.8kg
Packaging gross weight 17.6kg
Power Consumption 130W
at Standby 0.2W
Multi-Point -
at Network Control On (all of Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB) -
AC Inlet yes
AC Outlet -
Quick Start Guide Paper
Chassis Material SECC
Chassis Layer Triple
Foot New

Cosmetic Unit (W x H x D mm) 443 x 130 x 432
Panel Color SG / BK
Front Center Panel Aluminum
Back-shell -
Side cover Aluminum
Top cover Steel
Edge-lighting yes (Dimmer)
Volume Knob Aluminum
Input Selector Aluminum
Bass/Treble/Balance/ REC Out Sel knobs REC Out-->PHONO (Aluminum)
Speaker A/B button -
Power button Aluminum
Other knob/button (LOUDNESS, SOURCE DIRECT etc) -
Side screw Copper plated