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RUBY TUBES come with a 6-month warranty, one of the best in the industry. We are so careful about selecting and testing our tubes that we have no problem making this kind of an offer. If one of our premium RUBY TUBES fails during the 6-month warranty period, we will replace it at no charge.

Tube Type Description
6L6GCSTR A reproduction of the Philips STR series tubes. Good power, full sound and very dependable. Our most popular 6L6GC tube.

5881R This famous Russian 5881 tube is dependable and soft sounding. It produces less power than most 6L6GC tubes. Be sure to replace the tube clamps with spring retainers

5881WXT Similar to above with a longer base.
6L6GCC The original coke bottle 6L6GC tube.A great tone and a classic look, but not as long lasting as the 6L6GCSTR tube.

6L6GCRC The same tube as above, only with straight sides.

6L6GCSVT Our newest 6L6GC tube comes from the Svetlana factory in Russia.It has good punch and the output power is on a par with our 6L6STR tube. Limited stock.

6V6GTBC A heavy duty 6V6GT tube that handles higher plate current. Works great in Deluxe Reverb amps.

KT66C This tube is becoming a popular alternative to a 6L6GC. A new sound at a competitive price.

KT88STR An entirely new kt88, built in the style of the early British KT88. Unsurpassed in performance and high end. Polished mettle bass

7027A TESLA The first new production 7027A in over 10 years. Perfect in Ampegs and lots of Hi-Fi amps

EL84 TESLA The most powerful EL84. Much like the GE 6BQ5

EL84R The same as the 6BQ5. Good replacement in Boogies and Fenders

EL34BSTR Sensational new high-gain EL34 with dynamic tone. Extra-strong bottle, gold plated grid

E34L TESLA A wonderful EL34, with great tone and lots of power. Very dependable.

EL34WXT A copy of the German EL34 tube. Very dependable
EL34SVT The new Svetlana EL34 tube that has received good reviews.

6550ASTR New remake of the GE 6550, with tough straight bottle and polished metal base

6550SVT This new Svetlana tube is a powerful and dependable 6550 tube modeled after the GE 6550


Tube Retainer-STR Nickel plated, spring loaded, over the top style 6L6GC/5881/EL34 retainer, designed to hold tubes in their sockets.

Tube Retainer-EL84 Spring Steel Tube retainer for EL84 type tubes.

Tube Retainer 12AX7 Spring steel tube retainer for 12AX7.

Tube Cooler 6L6GC/5881/EL34 A finned metal heat sink for tubes. Doubles tube life.

Tube Cooler 6550A/KT88/5U4GB Same as above but larger size.


TUS8C1 8-Pin Tube Socket
CHASSIS MOUNT - This ceramic socket can be top mounted or bottom mounted. It will work with a chassis cut out anywhere between 1" and 1 3/16". It is the perfect replacement for Fenders, Marshalls, etc. and requires no modifications to the chassis.

TUS8CIG 8-Pin Tube Socket
Chassis Mount Ceramic Socketwith gold pins and mounting bracket. A beautiful socket

TUS8PC1 8-Pin Tube Socket
PC MOUNT - Phenolic socket

TUS9C1 9-Pin Tube Socket
CHASSIS MOUNT - This new ph enolic socket, with a base that accepts a tube shield (see below) mounts in a 3/4" hole. Requires no cutting or modification.

TUS9PC1 9-Pin Tube Socket
PC MOUNT - Phenolic socket, standard socket used by most manufacturers.

TUS9C2G 9-Pin Tube Socket
Chassis Mount Ceramic Socket with gold pins and mounting bracket.

BK020 The Amp Book by Donald Brosnac
A good introduction to servicing Guitar Amplifiers. The chapter on amp construction in particular explains tube theory, capacitors and special effects

BK025 Inside Tube Amps by Dan Torres
A comprehensive explanation of the different parts of tube amplifiers, and several projects including building a class A amplifier.

BK030 How to Service Your Own Tube Amplifier by Tom Mitchell
Lots of technicians have used this book to learn tube amp servicing. Full of practical information.

BK035 Dave Funk's Tube Amp Workbook by Dave Funk
This new book has chapters on most of the discreet components used in tube amplifiers and design characteristics of the different sections of a tube amp. There are over 250 pages of schematics and a nice chapter on the history of Fender amplifiers, model by model.

BK045 The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer A unique overview of the guitar, this book covers guitars and guitar design, playing and guitar maintenance. The perfect introduction to guitars for shops interested in adding guitar servicing to your business.

BK050 The High Performance Marshall Handbook by John Boehlein Marshall history, over driving Marshalls and retubing amplifiers are covered in this book.

BK060 A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps by Gerald Weber- A great selection of amp mods and very legible schematics.

BKRC19 RCA Receiving Tube Manual #RC19
The basic reference manual for any tube amptechnician or designer. Contains complete specifications and graphs on tubes.

BK070 The Audio Designer's Tube Register by Tom Mitchell
Contains very detailed specifications and graphs on 14 of the most popular low power TRIODE tubes, such as the 12AX7A, 12AY7, etc. A great reference book for builders and designers of tube amplifiers.

BK080 GE Essential Characteristics A consise presentation of all GE tubes listing basing, B+, filament, bias, etc.
BK090 Amps: The Other Half of Rock and Roll by Ritchie Fliegler Another book more directed towards the consumer, but with lots of interesting information on amps, the companies that make them and how guitar amplifiers work.