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DS Audio DS-E1 Lighted Cartridge

"The game changer"
I think it could be the sixth biggest game-changer in cartridges in three decades. The other five? It's siblings.

HiFi News 2019, Ken Kessler
Full review by Ken Kessler

It would be easy to call the DS Audio E1 optical cartridge and equalizer a benchmark at the $3k price point. I think that its easily a benchmark at twice, maybe even three times that price.

DS-E1 review by Tone Audio

The DS-E1 is a combination of an OPTICAL cartridge and DS-E1 equalizer.

A few noteworthy features include:

  • Cartridge body of machined aluminum
  • Wire suspension mechanism for higher channel separation
  • Amplifier in a small equalizer enclosure

DS-E1 Brochure

Product Line Comparison