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Okki Nokki ONE Record Cleaner


Completely redesigned for ultimate reliability

Designed and engineered “from the ground up," the new Okki Nokki ONE RCM is entirely crafted of bespoke components, completely eliminating the use of off-the-shelf parts.

The ONE is the world's first vacuum RCM to utilize a molded ABS unibody design. Fewer moving parts means class-leading durability and reliability. An all-new air/fluid suction path has been precision-engineered based on high-end vacuum technology and delivers quiet, unprecedented vacuum power with virtually no possibility of leaking. And for the first time, a one-size-fits-all vacuum arm.

Featured Highlights

    • Quietest RCM in the world

    • Operates from a single control knob

    • Indestructible unibody design, made of high-grade ABS with minimal internal
      components and integrated reservoir, provides unprecedented reliability

    • Dust cover INCLUDED

    • No more changing arms. The ONE features a configurable arm that will clean all
      your records — 7”, 10”, and 12”

    • Stainless steel record clamp covers the entire record label

    • Includes full and record-only platter sizes to avoid transferring debris
      when cleaning both sides

    • Package includes 1 bottle of Okki Nokki cleaning fluid concentrate and
      1 goat-hair brush