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Belt-drive analog Record Player

Hold your breath. Drop the needle. Enjoy analog as it’s meant to be heard.
The TN-300 is a belt-drive analog record player with a stylish and luxurious chassis containing an MM Phono equalizer amplifier with USB output. The TN-300 supports Phono and Line output, which allows you to play vinyl with a stereo that isn’t equipped with Phono input, and Phono equalizer amplifier of your hands. You can transfer music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC, using the USB digital output. CD quality digital archiving with the USB output preserves your vinyl collection and also allows you to enjoy vinyl records with a smartphone or Digital Audio Player. Using Audio-Technica’s AT95E VM cartridge, the TN-300 lets you enjoy high accuracy tracking sounds as soon as you set up. An aluminum die-cast, High inertia platter has also been attached. The TN-300 is the perfect turntable for any music lover, from first time users to audiophiles, who appreciates high quality sounds and sturdy yet stylist design.

Main Features

Manual Belt-drive Turntable supporting 33/45rpm
Heavy MDF cabinet with Multi-layerd coating with glossy coating
USB output for transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC.
Built-in Phono Equalizer(LINE/PHONO switchable)
Static balanced straight type tone arm
audio-technica’s renowned high-performance MM(VM) type phonograph cartridge attached
Gold plated terminals for oxidation resistance
Indulge your vinyl fetish with the new TEAC TN-300 turntable

Technical Details


Authentic belt-drive turntable
The high inertia Aluminum die-cast platter is driven by a high torque DC motor with durable Neoprene® rubber which achieves a stable rotation. The high accuracy of the spindle is maintained by the polished Stainless steel Spindle and the highly durable bronze spindle holder.

Luxury and authentic external design
The heavy MDF cabinet which can minimize the unfavorable resonance, with its multi-layered coating and glossy finish give a sophisticated polish to a durable exterior.

MM type cartridge phono equalizer amplifier
Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier.  The TN-300 supports both phono and line output that allows you to play vinyl with or without phono equalizer

Built-in USB digital Output
The TI-made A/D converter allows you to transfer music via USB to your PC and digitize your vinyl collection. You can protect your vinyl records from damage caused by playback, whilst enjoying the quality of vinyl via your digital audio player.

Static balanced straight type tone arm
A straight tone arm has been used for high tracking accuracy. The anti-skating mechanism ensures accurate tracking of phonograph records.

2-speed Turntable including 33-1/3 and 45 RPM for LP/EP record playback
The TN-300 can play both LP and EP records. The Manual arm lifter ensures seamless analog playback
Corrosion resistant gold plated terminals
The Gold-plated terminals prevent oxidation of the RCA terminals and head shell connectors. When replaced frequently the head shell also prevents oxidation of the terminal.

Audio-Technica MMVMtype phonograph cartridge AT95E
The TN-300 comes with an Audio-Technica VM type cartridge with a reputation for highly accurate reading. As soon as you set up the TN-300, you can enjoy the high quality sound with outstanding clarity and detail.

Cartridge Spec
Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Channel Separation: 20 dB at 1 kHz
Channel Balance: 2.0dB
Tracking Force: 1.5-2.5g
Vertical Tracking Angle: 20°
Recommended Load Impedance: 47k ohms
Output Voltage: 3.5 mV (mV at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
Stylus Shape: Elliptical
Stylus Construction: Bonded Round Shank
Mount: Half-inch
Weight: 5.7g

Press Release dated: 1 Dec 2014

Despite the world being awash with CDs and instant downloads, vinyl records have never gone and it's easy to see why. There's a huge appeal in holding, appreciating and listening to a music medium that's so tangible and inherently special. 
TEAC knew that when it introduced its well-known range of retro-styled 'all-in-one' turntable systems several years ago but now it's gone one step further. It's launching a separate hi-fi turntable that's designed from the outset to be used in both analogue and digital worlds… the TN-300.
TEAC TN-300 - Main Features

  • Manual belt-drive turntable that plays 33/45rpm records
  • Features a heavy MDF plinth, available in three glossy finishes – Black, Red, Cherry and White
  • Built-in phono equalizer
  • USB digital output for transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC.
  • Static-balanced straight-type tone arm
  • Supplied with high performance Audio-Technica AT-95E moving magnet (MM) cartridge
  • Oxidation-resistant gold-plated terminals

The TEAC TN-300 is, by any standards, a beautiful looking thing. Available in four deep, lustrous finishes – Black, Red, Cherry and White – its heavy MDF plinth is there for more than show… it also helps to effectively minimise unwanted resonances. Which means better sound quality. 
On top of the plinth sits a substantial die-cast aluminium platter with a heavy rubber mat, driven by a high-torque DC motor and a durable Neoprene belt. Changing between 33/45 speeds is all done electronically, via a speed selector on top of the plinth.
A straight tone-arm (with manual arm-lifter) is employed for optimum tracking accuracy and comes pre-fitted with a top quality Audio-Technica AT-95E moving magnet cartridge (with replaceable stylus), widely acknowledged to be the best performer in its class.
Sadly, lots of modern hi-fi amplifiers lack the necessary phono stages to work with turntables so helpfully TEAC has built one into the TN-300. Owners can plug the deck into the CD, Auxiliary or line input of any stereo amplifier, hi-fi system, active speaker or smartphone speaker dock and it'll work just fine.  If you've already got a separate phono stage, perhaps built into your amplifier, the one in the TEAC can be bypassed at the flick of a switch.
Owners who want to archive their treasured vinyl to their PC or Mac (perhaps so they can also listen to it on the move via their smartphone) willalso  be pleased to discover there's a USB port on the rear of the TN300 that lets you send a digital output to your computer where it can be saved into your preferred music format.
Whether you want to digitise your vinyl or just listen to it straight out of the sleeve the TEAC TN-300 makes a singularly compelling case for itself. The toughest part is deciding which colour to go for…