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UberLight Flex LED turntable light

The Uberlight Flex was made as a task lamp for a variety of jobs but thanks to its size and features is well suited to the job of illuminating a spinning slab of vinyl. It uses LEDs that can be set at three levels of brightness, I found that the lowest level (pictured) works fine and isn’t so bright that you have to turn it off while listening, and it’s easy to scroll through the levels with a button on top. The other button selects between colour temperatures, again there are three shades to choose from ranging from bright white (6000k) to ‘Warm white’ (2700k) that’s similar to old skool filament bulb.

The Uberlight itself has a strong, flexible ‘gooseneck’ that allows you to position the lamp where it’s needed and there’s a clamp on the base so that it can be fixed to an equipment rack or piece of furniture. The gooseneck allows the head of the lamp to be twisted by up to 270 degrees but in the turntable application that shouldn’t be necessary.

The power cable terminates in a USB plug so the light can be run off any USB charger and is indicative of the low power requirements of this lamp. It also means that the Uberlight will not perform the function that lamps over more dedicated turntables once did, that is warming up the cartridge, for that you’ll have to play a side of vinyl and enjoy the music in the process.


Output settings: 2W, 4W, 6W
Colour temperature options: 2700k, 4000k, 6000k
Dimensions HxWxD: 950x190x38mm
Power cable: 1.7m
Weight: 1.1kg
Finish: white or black silicone rubber
Warranty: 1 year