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It is not uncommon for the serious audiophile to have an investment in quality records far in excess of his outlay for sound reproduction equipment. This expensive investment demands the best in constant care and maintenance, and the HW-17F record cleaning machine is the answer.

The HW-17F automatically applies either distilled water or 50% diluted alcohol solution by way of a built-in liquid pump. An eight ounce reservoir is provided. Push-button operation automatically washes a record to the very bottom of the grooves; moreover, it does so faster and with less wasted motion than any other record cleaning machine or device available today.

The HW-17F's built-in liquid pump does not allow fluid to come into contact with the record label. The system is fully enclosed, and all points of contact are velvet treated to protect the LP's delicate vinyl surfaces.

Featuring an 18 RPM high-torque motor that allows deep cleaning without strain, the HW-17F's powerful, integral vacuum system ensures quick, deep solution removal, as well as the removal of old, built-up residue, and prevents further accumulation of foreign matter.

The HW-17F cleans the oldest, dirtest records thoroughly, providing a pristinely clean, dry, static-free record that sounds better than new. Ideal for audiophiles, record archives, radio stations, audio retailers, and used record stores.

"Of these products under review, this is the rich man's choice. The HW-17 is as easy to use as the far more expensive Keith Monks and does everything just as well. It is also far easier to adjust than any of the Nitty Gritty's and shows better quality of manufacture. Class "A" rated." - Anthony Cordesman--Stereophile.

Built in cooling fan for extended cleaning sessions
Self contained, powerful liquid pump
Stainless steel holding and catch basins
Applies liquid and scrubs at same time
Light touch push-button control
Self adjusting velvet coated vacuum nozzle
18 rpm high torque turntable motor
Easily applies special cleaners
Works from top of record so you can see
Scrubs record in forward and reverse

Built-in dust cover
8oz. bottle of VPI cleaning fluid and cleaning brush

Dimensions: 22" x 8" x 15 1/4" (W x H x D)
Weight: 40 lbs.· Vacuum motor: 7.7 amps
Maximum current draw: 9 amps
60 Hz/115 Volts

Replacement brushes, fluid and suction tubes may be purchased as needed.
1 year manufacturer warranty on motor.
2 year manufacturer warranty on machine.