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Granite Audio # 433 Interconnects

The Finest Quality Solid Copper.
99.999% pure slow-drawn continuous-cast
continuous-crystal  oxygen-free copper.

( ) 0.5 Meter $445.00 .
( ) 1.0 Meter $475.00 .
( ) 1.5 Meter $550.00 .
( ) 2.0 Meter $625.00 .

This cable is engineered for the maximum in pure music clarity and value.  The subtle details of vocals and instrumentals flow cleanly through the twin 22-gauge pure copper wires.  With 100% pure copper wire shielding. Hear all your music through these virtually perfect wires.

The #433 RCA is a 3-conductor single-ended cable with a low noise floor that rivals XLR balanced cables.  This is because the 100% shield is only used as a shield and is not part of the signal or return path.  The signal & return conductors are run as a twisted pair in the center of the cable, which further fights unwanted noise through common mode noise rejection.  This extra quiet cable lets you hear the breathtaking details with the immediacy of the original live performance.  This is the exact same design that has made our Model #470 Silver cable so popular.  And, the #433 is also available with XLR balanced connectors.  Every #433 cable is hand-tested & inspected by Granite Audio President Don Hoglund, and comes with his initialed inspection card attached to the attractive packaging.  The #433 will give 90% of the ultimate performance of the #470 at about 50% of the cost.  That's value.

More about Continuous Cast Silver & Copper.

The most important factor in cable design is the quality of the conductor.  The introduction of Continuous Cast Silver & Copper allows the creation of virtually perfect conductors.  A heated mold forms conductors of nearly perfect structure, with flawless, mirror-like surfaces, and high flexibility and great fatigue and corrosion resistance.

The grain (crystal) structure of metals has always been a limiting factor in cable design.  Gases and solid impurities collect at the grain boundaries, forming non-linear (diode) junctions.  These non-linearities cause the harsh, grainy sound quality of many cables.

A one-meter strand of drawn silver or copper wire, 0.3mm in diameter, consists of from 50 to 40,000 individual crystals (depending on the quality of the silver or copper).  Since no conductor is absolutely pure, each crystal boundary becomes a diode, adding its own non-linearity (however weak) to the signal. 

The Continuous Casting process eliminates this source of distortion by eliminating the grain boundaries.  In Continuous Cast cables, each crystal is 125 meters long.  This means that, even in long cables, there's never more than one crystal junction per strand.

The single-crystal structure permits unimpeded signal propagation.  The result is an extremely neutral sound with grain-free, extended highs that are open, airy, and detailed.  This improvement is apparent throughout the full frequency range, even down to the bottom end, whose weight, space, and air are fully reproduced.

Available from:
Quest For Sound
2307-R Bristol pike
Bensalem Pa 19020
email- questforsound@aol.com