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CUSTOM MADE 8 FEET ZEROPOINT OXYGEN FREE COPPER MUSICAL REFERANCE-4 BI-WIRE HIGH DEFINITION VARI-CORE TIME ALIGNED SPEAKER CABLE HIGH POWER SPEAKER CABLE IS ENGINEERED FOR A SMOOTH MUSICAL PERFORMANCE..THIS 99.9999% PURE OXYGEN FREE COPPER GIVES WARMTH AND HIGH DEFINITION TO THE MUSIC. YOUR CHOICE OF GOLD COATED1/4 SPADE LUGS OR GOLD COATED BANANNA PLUGS.. custom lenght are avaliable ZEROPOINT QLX QUASRALINK TWISTED PAIR SPEAKER CABLE the zeropoint qlx quadralink SPEAKER cables represent the latest in audio cable technology. the qlx cables utilize our unique phase-correct construction using tightly twisted pairs with dual directional drain wires .Each balance pair of qlx cable is tightly twisted around each other,further enhancing the common mode rejection capablity of the cable. The qlx series offers superior performance over other designs for the ultimate in low noise technology and sonic excellence !!! the advanced design doesn't stop at the cable itself. the connectors are engineered to provide the finist possible interface-- ZEROpoint products are absolutely the finest that Phoenix Gold has to offer. Our newest ZPMR two- and four-conductor Bi-Wire cables incorporate every advance we have developed through our research in design and construction techniques. The ZEROpoint design goal was to develop a sonically excellent speaker cable which would perform equal to or better than cables costing several times more. We've succeeded - and then some! THEY ARE CONSRUCTED FROM OXYGEN FREE HERMETIC COPPER ELECTROYLIC GRADE 36 GAUGE AND 22 GAUGE COPPER STRANDING IN A SPECIAL WEAVE ... THE SEAMLESS UNIDIRECTIONAL SINGLE CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF THE ZPMR CONDUCTORS ELIMINATES THE DISTORTION PRODUCED WHEN COMPLEX MUSICAL SIGNALS ARE CONDUCTED ACROSS CRYSTAL BOUNDARIES..-- THE MULTIPLE CONDUCTOR SIZE AND THE MIRROR SMOTH FINISH ,ELIMINATES NOISE AND ENSURES WONDERFUL SOUNDSTAGING WITH DYNAMIC AND POWERTFULL BASS THAT YOU EXPECT FROM SONICALLY EXCELLENT CABLES