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Full Function Remote with batteries.
Single CD front loading tray.
32 track memory.
Repeat disc or repeat single track.
Four different time displays.
Will read CDR and DTS discs.
Random track play or 10 second track introductions.
Gold plated RCA vacuum tube analog output.
Manual volume control for tube analog output.
Separate transformer & power supply for tube section.
Gold plated RCA solid-state analog output.
Gold plated RCA digital output.
Optical digital output.
6 fully regulated power rails.
120 volt operation.
Ultra low noise toroidal transformers.
Acrylic-Granite faceplate available in six stock colors .

Here it is, the long awaited Granite Audio Tube CD Player.  Notice how this sleek unit matches the Granite Audio tradition of minimalist controls and hardware.  In fact, it doesn't have any front panel controls to clutter it's stealth appearance.  All functions are performed by the remote control.