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Backert Labs ... Rhumba Extreme 1.4

Upgrades that place the Rhumba Extreme above and beyond our standard Rhumba 1.4:

New dual-wafer selector switch from the Rhythm improves separation
Now 5 inputs (was 4)
Now 4 outputs (was 3)
Now 2 fully balanced XLR inputs and 2 fully balanced XLR outputs
Still has 3 RCA inputs and 2 RCA outputs
New circuit designs in power supply regulator and gain stage, for increased clarity and openness
New solid brass bottom panel, for increased midrange resolution and overall musicality

Upgrades that place the Rhumba Extreme above and beyond our standard Rhumba 1.3:

Our proprietary auto-bias circuit, from the Rhythm. Your preamp is perfectly biased for each tube you insert. Automatically. Continually. Upgraded polypropylene capacitors throughout the power supply and gain stage.
A dual-mono regulator in the power supply.
Premium Terracones feet, from edenSound.
A blue LED on the perimeter of the volume knob notifies you of volume position in low light conditions.
Additional circuit advances in the volume control and output stages that result in more natural, effortless, musical sound quality.
What is the sonic effect of these upgrades?

The Rhumba Extreme takes the big, beautiful sound of the Rhumba 1.3 and adds more midrange resolution. It has endless detail with smooth, never fatiguing levels of extremely high resolution. Imaging and microdynamics are also more accurate. As with the standard Rhumba 1.3, blue and red body color options are available.