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Rogue Audio is proud to announce the new RP-1 preamplifier.  Elegantly simple yet technically sophisticated, the RP-1 is based on our highly successful RP-X platform. Boasting terrific specs and fully featured, the RP-1 is the new benchmark for an entry level tube preamplifier.  Along with the musical and accurate sound you expect from a Rogue Audio preamplifier, the RP-1 boasts an impressive list of features:

  • Multi function remote that controls volume, source, balance and mute
  • 45/60 dB MM/MC phono with adjustable loading
  • 1W Headphone amplifier
  • OLED display with on/off
  • Four line level inputs
  • Two pairs Preamp outs
  • One pair fixed outs
  • Home theater bypass
  • 5Hz-75KHz +/- 1 dB
  • 15.25” W x 14.5” D x 3.2” High

The review by Herb Reichert ---Stereophile magazine
“I believe that Rogue Audio’s RP-1 will join the ranks of such preamp folk heroes as the Dynaco PAS, the Hafler DH101, the Conrad Johnson PV3, and the NAD 1020 – and the Apt Holman, The Supraphon Revelation Basic, and the Audible Illusions Modulus.  All of those are moderately priced, high-performance models that countless audiophiles have used to step up from receivers or integrateds to separates.

However, the RP-1 was more effective than any of those classics at preserving the a recording’s vital energies.  I believe that the RP-1 is not necessarily a stepping stone on the way to something better: I see it as a fully worthy final destination.

Compared to any preamplifier I know of at anywhere near its price, the RP-1 reaches deeper into the music to excavate a stronger, more precise, more spacious musical presentation.  Most important, it delivers music that lives.”

Highly recommended