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Sherbourn Pre-1

Remote Controlled Stereo Preamplifier

2U (3.5 inch/8.9 cm High) Rack Mountable Chassis with an elegant 17.7 inch/45 cm Wide sculptured front panel that houses a complete set of control switches including those for treble and bass control.

Seven precision stereo inputs, Balanced XLR and RCA Unbalanced connectors, phono input with moving magnet or moving coil capability, tape monitor loop, high quality performance via micro-processor controlled pure audio signal path, variable Low-Pass/High-Pass filters, -12dB/Octave Slope, headphone output, bass management, stereo/mono switching, 12 Volt trigger and two-way RS-232 controllability. Rackmount ears are available for a small extra charge.

In a world of digital bliss, now comes an analog preamp from Sherbourn that will amaze and delight the most exacting audiophile. After all, music is at the heart of every system and the PRE-1 is the perfect component for critical listening. We have even included a moving coil/ moving magnet phono circuit for you to dust off those treasured vinyl albums and
enjoy hours of musical nirvana. You can use the PRE-1 with the PT-7020A processor by utilizing the home theater bypass switching. In stereo the PR-1 acts as a preamp. Use the HT bypass mode and the PRE-1 becomes a passive component connection for your processor, allowing it to control subwoofer, left and right channels.

The PRE-1 one also features a fully integrated bass management system. High pass/low pass inputs allow you to cut off from 50Hz to 250Hz. We even provide a headphone output for personal listening. Like every Sherbourn product, the PRE-1 is designed and manufactured to the highest standards imaginable. Sherbourn is renowned for its reliability as well as its commitment to producing the most musical components possible. At Sherbourn we design our entire award winning product line with a passionate
dedication to innovation, reliability, power and performance. You should expect nothing

Carton weight 15 lbs.
Rated power 9v RMS with no more than 0.05% THD
from 20 Hz – 20KHz
Frequency response 5Hz-80KHz
Gain 30dB
Signal to noise ratio 116 dB (ref 2v)
Input impedance 47 K ohms +/- 5%
Maximum line out level 9 volts RMS
Channel separation @ 1KHz >80 dB
Ground floor noise level >20uV
Power supply 120v/60Hz or 230v/50Hz (selectable)
Phono input Moving coil, 240 Ohm, Moving magnet, 47 kOhm
Filters High pass, variable 5kHz-15kHz @12dB per octave
Low pass, variable 50Hz-250Hz @12dB per octave
Dimensions 17.7" W x 14" D x 4.25" H