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Opera audio has been very successful in making their amplifier, CD , LP, products , this is the first time for them to make a speaker system. Eric-3 is one of the Opera Audio anniversary series. A floorstander , two ways with elegant natural cherry finish , a matt aluminum plate covers the front side.. It reflexes Opera 's philosophy 'Simple, Humanistic'.

The speaker features 2 reflex loaded 6.5 " mid woofer with a 2 inches dust cap indicating the presence of it's oversized 1.5 inches voice coil and dynamic.

Generally speaking the sound character of one driver unit is determined by the profile of the cone and the material. This is the most difficult part of designing a units. Unfortunately neither system designer nor most of the driver unit manufacturers knows much about it. Sometime they have to bless if they could get a good cone or good unit. The designer of Eric series has lots of experience both in speaker system and driver unit designing. So it helps a lot to solve the problems and to do the optimization. System designing can even be started from the driver unit level. The most advanced FEA(Finite Elements Analysis) program is used to do the optimization during the Eric's development. Tooling is designed and specially made for this case. The mid woofer has a very unique look , 6 slots on the front of the cone with a large pyramid shape dust cap strengthens the cone structure. Fiber filled cone materials gives the right damping and also makes it looks very unique. 1.5" large motor system works like a V-8 engine to provide enough driving force. Cooper shortcut ring and a special structure are used to lower the Inter- Modulation Distortion. As you know, sometime human ear is more sensitivity to IMD than THD. So it's important to lower the IMD. Sound will become more clear and relax.1 inches silk dome tweeter uses a tiny neodymium magnet to allow it be placed close to the woofer and to simulate the point source. CCAW wire is used to gain the right sensitivity. Ferro fluid technique is to improve the power handling capability and lower the distortion.

The inner surface is filled with damping material, 3/4" thick MDF and inner bracing is used to quiet the cabinet. The QB3 bass alignment is achieved to get best transient response.. 3rd order X-over at 2.6KHz with high grade components (air coil, polypropylene type capacitor etc) are used for better sound. Electrical connection is via a big bi-wiring terminal board. The overall impedance response of the speaker system is optimized to make it friendly to less powerful amplifier. You don't need to worry about over loading and oscillating problems even if you use a small tube amplifier.
Specifications :
Reflex loaded Dual 6.5 " woofers
1 ½" tweeter
3rd order X-over at 2.6KHz
Frequency Response: 32Hz-24KHz
Sensitivity: 92dB
Recommended Power: 2-120W
Impedance:4 ohm
38 3/4 " H x 12 1/4 " D x 8 3/8 " W
weight - 60 lbs ea

New Review

Review .. UK Hi-Hi Now ...
"The imaging and sound stage is incredible. The bass is deep and clean and tight.The midrange is simply wonderful.. and at 92 dB any thing can drive them !!! a real bargain for the money .. better than many speakers twice there price ! "
06-04 --John Howard --UK Hi-Hi Now ...