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EVO 4.2 Bookshelf Speakers

Colors: Black Ash / White Ash / Walnut
First Class Performance - Remarkedly Affordable

EVO4 represents the advancement of rationally priced audiophile-grade loudspeakers. Developed in parallel with the flagship Elysian range, EVO4 shares many of the same technologies, the tonal accuracy, and superb build quality with its larger cousin – at a fraction of the cost.

EVO4 retains classic British speaker sound: natural, musical, and addictive, free from listening fatigue while adding a level of transparency, ultra-low colouration, and detail surpassed only by Wharfedale’s Elysian range. EVO4 is a unique opportunity to experience ultra-high-end sound and style at a modest cost.

The original LINTON was well known for its warm, rich and natural sounding character and the new Wharfedale LINTON retains that standing but imbues it with an open, detailed performance that will entice you to explore your whole music collection, once more.

AMT Tweeter

The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter utilised in the EVO4 range is a radically different way of moving air than a conventional dome tweeter. A large, pleated lightweight diaphragm is driven across its surface by rows of strategically placed magnets. Not only is this an efficient way of moving air, but it is also very accurate as the diaphragm is under close control of the motor system at all times. The result is a wide bandwidth transducer that achieves low distortion and delivers exceptional musical detail without being “bright,” harsh, and fatiguing.

Dome Midrange

To match the EVO4 AMT, Wharfedale has developed a fast, responsive, and highly efficient dome midrange. The fabric dome, damped with a plasticizer coating, is vented into a large and specially shaped rear chamber to scatter and absorb back energy that would ordinarily reflect through the dome front surface, out of phase and distorted. By absorbing and dispersing the rear energy, this driver delivers vastly improved detail, lower distortion, and colouration.

The large, damped rear chamber acts much like a woofer enclosure, permitting extended low-frequency performance. This midrange unit boasts a linear response from 800Hz to 5kHz, an astonishing bandwidth. This wide bandwidth allowed Wharfedale designers to lower the midrange-to-woofer crossover point so that the midrange driver handles more of the lower midrange for broader dispersion and greater clarity.

Thanks to its high flux magnet, the EVO4 midrange dome also has high efficiency, ideally matched to that of the AMT, enabling it to respond easily and quickly to the music's dynamics. The wide dispersion of this dome and AMT combination ensures that you'll hear all the musical detail no matter where you sit.

The dome midrange and the AMT tweeter contribute to the incredibly open, spacious, and deep soundstage of the EVO4s, usually not found in dynamic "box" speakers in this price category.